CQAF Online starts with 20 pilot institutes

The European framework for quality assurance within education and training, CQAF (A)VET) will be elaborated with an online version to facilitate self evaluation.

Early March, after a short period of preparation 20 Swedish institutes for adult education have started working in this new project. All participating institutes wil make an assesment of QA within their institutes according to the CQAF (A)VET model, will then write an improvement plan and finally will evaluate the impact of measures taken. Feedback from these test will be used to develop the online model and to add validation to the model itself. The Swedish National Agency (YH), Folkuniversitetet Uppsala and Revalento are the important developers of the online model. In the project these partners will closely collaborate with Documenta (Spain), Dimitra (Greece) and MMC (Cyprus) to secure that the developed materials take into account the different national contexts of the EU countries.