IGMA II kick off

Due to the successful pilots which have been run in the North of Sweden the European Commission has extended the IGMA project for another two years period, starting February 2014. Now the major focus of the project will not be on the implementation of the IGMA methodology itself anymore. IGMA II will focus on the development of a professional profile, a related training program as well as supporting ICT for case management for the professionals. In IGMA II together with Folkuniversitetet Upssala Revalento will be responsible for the development of the profile as well as of the training content and the related train the trainer program. To achieve these objectives Revalento will be working together closely with Saxion University. In the Netherlands Saxion University already has developed to a high standard different training programs for coaches and case managers which have incorporated the principles of the methodology used in IGMA. One of the objectives of this partnership will be to to jointly offer, once the project is finished, an MBA type of education program for professionals in the Netherlands as well as in Sweden. Another objective is to look for more ways to promote and demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach (support pilot as well as promotion activities).
A detailed description of the project as well as updates on the project activities can be found on www.igmaII.eu which will be available mid of October 2014.
Partners in the IGMA II project are: Bekir Gokdag Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey) Dimitra (Greece), European Centre for Women and Technology (Norway), Folkuniversitetet Sweden (project coordinator) and Revalento (Netherlands). Saxion University will be acting as associated partner.