Integration Seminar Uppsala on DLM

On 23rd of May 2014 Folkuniversitetet Uppsala has organized a seminar regarding active citizenship. Participants from all over Sweden have come to Uppsala to get informed on the latest development on Integration Policy in Sweden, as well as on some good practices contributing to the achievement of active citizenship of immigrants. The state of the integration debate was presented by representatives from the University of Linkoping. A more practical perspective was presented by regional policy makers, the national ESF coordinator as well as experts from different immigrant NGO’s. Yevgeniya Averhed presented some of her experiences with the Distance to the Labour Market methodology in working with Somalian NGO’s. From the side of Revalento, Roger Van de Winkel addressed the need for a more client centered approach in which talents of immigrants and their current needs are addressed in a more effective and efficient way. He presented a good practice which has been run in Lulea in the North of Sweden in 2013. In the region an introduction to the society course financed by the labour office, has been successfully transformed into a development program in which over 50% of the participants successfully entered the labour market. Participants who formerly have been inactive, with hardly any contacts, and in many cases a lot of bad experiences. Another 45% of the participants closed the program with a skills profile and an action plan which now form the basis for further referral by the labour office. The used DLM methodology again helped the network to establish better assessment of skills and competences, and to strengthen the collaboration of the different stakeholder organizations in the Lulea area.