Jean Monet project on Quality Asurance in higher professional eduction

Revalento and Folkuniversitetet Uppsala have been invited for a Jean Monet project addressing quality assurance models for higher professional education. The key focus will be on the QA framework for education which has been developed and promoted throughout the European countries as well as on the provider based CQAF-VET model which Folkuniversitetet and Revalento jointly have developed based on this European framework.

On November 23rd 2015 the Kick-off meeting of this project has taken place in Yaroslavl, Russia at the Pastukhov Academy. Together with Academic partners from Belarus, Croatia, Russia and Sweden the different stages of the project have been set out. The initial phase of the project will be a joint research on the current use of QA models in Croatia, Belarus and Russia. The research set-up is developed by Revalento. Outcomes of the research will be used to discuss national context requirements for usage of QA models as well as input on items for adaption for the CQAF VET model. Later on a training session will be offered by Folkuniversitetet and Revalento on the use of the adapted CQAF-VET provider model, prior to an extensive test period.