Transnational meeting Critical project

After having had online project meetings for over a year finally the members of the partnership of the Critical project were able to meet in the flesh on October 18th and 19th in Paris. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current gaps in learning materials used in integration courses on the subject of parenting and health, as well as in training or information to migrants provided by service organisations dealing with the issue of health and parenting. In general the conclusion was that in partner countries both subjects are hardly dealt with due to the constraints which are nationally put on integration courses. Partners have found inspiration in a training method presented by FISPE as well as in the game approach presented by Revalento. Both methods were considered valuable and innovative ideas to be used for creating new materials which can enrich the current integration courses and be of support to organisations involved in integration. During the next month the partnership will focus on developing content based on these two methods.