After the succesful ESEDA kick of meeting recently in May, now a new conference will be held in September 20 and 21 in St. Petersburg. Representatives of over 200 Universities from Belarus, Cyprus, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraïne, Russian Federation and Sweden will meet to decide on the action... read more >
At the beginning of May ESEDA will have its first work meeting together with representatievs from educational institutes from the Baltic countries, Russia and Sweden. During this meeting the purpose and activities of ESEDA will be drawn up and the convenants for collaboration will be prepared. read more >
In Minsk early this year Revalento has run several workshops regarding the attention for staff employability and the way Quality Assurance frame works can be of help in this. Special attention was given to the European Common Quality Assurance Framework for (adult) Vocational Education and Training... read more >