Revalento works on behalf of very divergent industrial branches, organizations and institutes, being profit, non profit or public. Also the European Commission is an important customer. To perform these activities Revalento has the disposal of a large network of expert organization which can be involved whenever required:

  • Van den Berg, Policy- and Staff Development (NL)
  • Dimitra, Institute for Training and Development (GR)
  • Documenta, Instituto Europeo de Estudios para la Formacion y Desarrollo (SP)
  • EB Management, quality of education (NL)
  • EdIT.C, Education and Information Technology Centre (CY)
  • Folksuniversitetet Uppsala (Se)
  • Hamers, Text and communication strategies (NL)
  • IVA Tilburg, Beleidsonderzoek en Advies (NL)
  • Marktmonitor (NL), research on labour market and education
  • Saxion University (NL)

Revalento is founding member of ESEDA (European Social and Economic Development Association)