“Inspirational ideas and approaches regarding parental involvement in secondary education” See Me is a 2-years Erasmus+ project which focusses on strengthening parental involvement in children’s school careers in secondary education specifically for youngsters at risk. To achieve this the project... read more >
The project "Critical information for immigrants regarding parenting to promote social inclusion" is a three years EU-project focussing on two specific issues of integration: parenting and health. Mastering language and equality are key steps in the integration process of all migrants. In most EU-... read more >
The 2019 Erasmus+ WeCan project aims to facilitate the social and economic integration of low skilled refugee women. It is a three years project in which training material will be developed to support the entrepreneurial attitude and competence of refugee women. Through enhancing their own self-... read more >
EMKIT2 is a three years Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project aiming at the development of three qualification frameworks for migrant women.These three frameworks are Social and Civic, Cultural Awareness and Media Literacy. The partnership of the project consists of training and education... read more >
Om march 22nd 2018 the results of the "EQAVET in Practice""- project have been presented at the project's final conference in Stockholm. EQAVET is a common reference framework for VET providers to help monitor, evaluate and improve their quality assurance policies and practices. The framework is... read more >
The IGMA2 project is started officially in January 2014. It is a 30 month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture. The objective of the project is to improve the culture of quality in adult education and of counselling of low-skilled... read more >
The European Commission considers lifelong learning as essential for all citizens to have equal opportunities and to be able to participate as well as contribute to our society. Also for competitiveness and our knowledge economy the workforce needs to continuously adapt and develop itself to keep... read more >
Peer Review Peer Review for EQAVET is a two-year Leonardo da Vinci (Transfer of Innovation) project which aims to transfer the Peer Review method and further develop related manuals, the corresponding Toolbox as well as the EU Peers Training Programme. Also the project aims to adapt the methodology... read more >
The European project “Expanding the Quality Spirit of VET (Q&VET)” aims at investigating ways to cross the gap between management policy actions regarding Quality Assurance of education and the actual effect of these policies in the classroom and on the outcome of teaching. Objective is to... read more >
The purpose of the CQAF Online project is the development of a self assessment online tool for adult education and training (AVET). The online tool is based on the European CQAF VET model for quality assurance which has been developed by Revalento and Folkuniversitetet in a previous project in 2011... read more >