CQAF Online

The purpose of the CQAF Online project is the development of a self assessment online tool for adult education and training (AVET). The online tool is based on the European CQAF VET model for quality assurance which has been developed by Revalento and Folkuniversitetet in a previous project in 2011. This model supports quality assurance of curricula and training program’s on issues which training providers themselves consider to be of importance to be able to achieve a good course outcome.
The online tool will be presented as end product of the project at an international conference on quality in education in Stockholm at 26th of September 2013. After the conference the tool is available free of charge to educational institutes in the different partner countries.
The tool consists of three series of questions (max 40 questions each): one series regarding Content and Learning, one regarding the Organization and one regarding the Learner. While answering the user will be asked for each question to consider also whether one is able to give proof. One can give proof through documents, a report or for example minutes. But more important proof is also in the head of people of an organization: are we doing what we all agreed to do, why are we doing this, and how do we know that this is actually effective? For educational institutes of course this requires having a more open organizational culture in which one feels safe to exchange information and learn from each other’s experiences. In this way the model can be a support in jointly working on the (continuous) improvement of education.
Feedback is presented in the form of spider web diagrams. These diagrams indicate the level of quality assurance for each of the indicators as well as the room for further improvement.
For further information on the project and access to the tool go to www.CQAF-ONLINE.eu or contact Revalento.