The IGMA2 project is started officially in January 2014. It is a 30 month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture. The objective of the project is to improve the culture of quality in adult education and of counselling of low-skilled learners, paying special attention to the professional development of staff, as well as delivery by different providers. Moreover, the project aims to improve the accessibility to adult education for the low-skilled, in order to help them to enter the labor market and become more active members of society. The methodological approaches are based on IGMA 1 project experiences and rely on case management expertise of Revalento and Saxion University.

The specific objectives of the igma2 project are:
1. Development of a Training Curriculum “EU Integration Agent” for the professionalization of adult education staff and other professionals working on integration of the low-skilled in different types of stakeholder organisations;
2. Development of a common European Professional Standard “EU Integration Agent” for professionals in the area of career counselling / coaching / guidance of the low-skilled through adult education;
3. Development of a Demo for ICT-based Management Information System as a holistic platform for good governance by different stakeholder organisations in the region;
4. Professionalization of adult education staff / career counselors / coaches at other stakeholder organisations through in-service training and transnational seminars offered by the igma2 project partnership.

The partners in the project are Folkuniversitetet Uppsala (coordinator), Bekir Lesesi (Turky), Dimitra (Greece), ECWT (Norway) en Revalento (Netherlands). Saxion Hogeschool is involved as external expert and associated partner. The outputs of the project have been presented at the final conference in Oslo in June 2016. For more information: www.igma2.eu