IGMA EU Integration Agent

The IGMA project focusses on the development of a new guidance methodology to support the network of stakeholder organizations which are jointly responsible for increasing the participation of immigrants and low skilled unemployed into the labour market by using of the road of education.

The project has started in January 2012 and will run for two years. It is supported by the GRUNDTVIG program of the European Commission. Essential elements of the project are the development of a progression ladder specifically for this target group, the training of participating stakeholder organizations in the use of it, and the training in motivational coaching. A progression ladder describes in small achievable steps the process of increased participation of the target group. The development of this progression ladder, the design as well as the delivery of the training will be the responsibility of Revalento. In close collaboration with Saxion University and Folkuniversitetet Uppsala Revalento will arrange for tailor made training on location in Spain (Documenta), Greece (Dimitra), Romania (IREA), Cyprus (EDITC) and Sweden (Folkuniversitetet).