Performance management in networks: Distance to the Labour Market

DLM as a method
Together with Saxion University Revelanto has developed the Distance to the Labour Model (DLM). This model and structural framework supports organizations in becoming more effective and outcome oriented. Furthermore it improves the collaboration of partners in services that are offered chain wise. The model gives tools for:

  • Increasing the focus on outcome and on the whole primary process;
  • Atuning of tasks and responsibilities at different levels, also between organisations;
  • Effective interactions between responsible staff and their clients.

By formulating jointly the performance indicators and also by jointly evaluating the outcome a condition for learning is created for all partners of the service chain. The method and framework have been implemented successfully in a tailor-made way in the Netherlands as well as abroad. It is now part of the curriculum within the study Personnel and Labour of Saxion University.

Revalento has introduced the DLM-framework in the UK in the LSCs of Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Lincolnshire and Rutland all working with young people who are having no adequate entry qualifications, in  th National Probation Services Northumbria as well as in the Consortium for Asylum Support Services in the North East (NECASS). In the Netherlands DLM now is integral part of the WorkWise and Case Management training programs of Saxion University and is introduced in the methodological work of several Social Services.