Q in VET

The European project “Expanding the Quality Spirit of VET (Q&VET)” aims at investigating ways to cross the gap between management policy actions regarding Quality Assurance of education and the actual effect of these policies in the classroom and on the outcome of teaching. Objective is to offer support to managers as to how to involve teachers in such a way that quality assurance initiatives or initiatives aiming to improve education really do have impact on the outcomes of teaching. Quality assurance and quality improvement cannot do without proper involvement of teachers. To contribute to the act of participation guidelines for managers need to address issues like:
1. How to create a spirit of quality?
2. How to involve your staff in assessing the current situation, and in thinking to work toward improvement (with the aid of a QA-model)?
3. How to involve your staff in the planning stage?
4. How to keep motivation on a high level during implementation?
5. How to arrange for a joint evaluation?
6. How to make joint choices as well as decisions regarding improvement?
7. How does all this influence the role of the manage and the style of managing?
The project is started in November 2012 and is coordinated by Folkuniversitetet Uppsala in Sweden. The project consists of the following partners: Quality Austria (Austria), Beypazari District Directorate for National Education (Turkey), General Directorate for Friuli Venezia Giulia School Inspection Service (Italy), Institute of Economics, Management and Law of Kazan (Russia), N.P. Pastuhov’s State Academy of Industrial Management (Russia), Revalento (Netherlands) and Tomsk State University (Russia).
The project consists of three stages. During the first stage research is done regarding the current involvement of teachers in quality initiatives. One part of the research is done by questionnaires, a second additional part is done through interviewing. The collected information will be used in the second stage. In this stage workshops are held during which both managers and teachers will discuss about the consequences of the findings and on how to further improve teacher's involvement.In the third and last stage recommendations will be developed for managers regarding increased teacher involvement. Again drafts will be first discussed with both managers as well as teachers. Final deliverables of the project will be promoted at a an international conference. For more information: www.qualityineducation.eu