“Inspirational ideas and approaches regarding parental involvement in secondary education”

See Me is a 2-years Erasmus+ project which focusses on strengthening parental involvement in children’s school careers in secondary education specifically for youngsters at risk. To achieve this the project focusses on best practices and will develop and test guidelines for parent involvement as well as guidelines for teachers regarding the school career of students and their role toward parents.

The project has started in January 2021. During its first months partners have developed a theoretical model which describes the main factors as to how school and parents influence school careers. Research points out the key role of aspects like: proper understanding of parental responsibilities, creation of an effective learning climate at home, dealing with own experiences of going to school, dealing with cultural differences in general for people with a diverse cultural background, positive attention to children, inclusive school climate, the teacher-child relationship etc.

Partners have been collecting best practices on parental involvement in the school career of their children. These best practices have been used to develop information for schools as well as parents on how to get involved and deal with school career issues. To make the access user-friendly a quick scan has been developed to enable mapping of the most relevant areas for improvement of the school parent relationship.

The partnership running consists of partners: Folkuniversitetet Upsala (Sweden and coordinator), College ”Mihai Eminescu” (Moldova), Ankara Directorate of National Education (Turkey), IISS Ettore Majorana” (Italy), Regional Volunteer Centre (Poland), FACO (Denmark) and Revalento (the Netherlands).
More news about the project, the developed tools is available on the SeeMe website: